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We grow our produce using a technique called Aquaponics.  This means we replace soil with water and fish to create an environmentally friendly, all natural, non-GMO product.  The fish provide the nutrients needed for the plants to grow.  This process yields better tasting, longer lasting, quicker growing products.  All done organically and certified as such by Organic Certifiers.



We grow and sell as close to home as we can to provide the freshest most nutrient rich product we can.   Back in 2011, we purchased a 23-acre property just east of Bellville, TX. The property backs to Ives Creek, which inspired the name Ives Creek Organics. At the time, the property needed a lot of work, slowly but surely we worked to restore the property and then started to work to improve it.  We now have 9,000 SF of growing space in our aquaponic greenhouses and 9,000 SF of soil growing spaces.



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